Ontdek je personal brand en word top of mind met authentieke content

Discover your authentic brand story with Personal Branding

 Finding new customers, a new assignment or job can be a difficult challenge. 

Because 'what makes you brand grow in the market place'? 'Why should they choose your company'? And how do you create an appealing profile on LinkedIn?

It is not actually that difficult. You start with your personal brand first.

Personal brand session for business owners of start-ups and internationals

Every request starts with an extensive personal brand session to bring your professional identity in scope: the basis for your online profile, authentic content and powerful brand story to communicate to the market. We look amongst others for your unique strengths, relevant experiences and important events in your work history; because blind spots, we have them all! 

In the end, we do this to update your LinkedIn profile as a next step or to organize a full LinkedIn personal brand strategy for your company or a change of direction which you feel you need to take.

The results of a personal brand session: clarity, confidence and comfort

The results after a session with me:

  • Clarity on your strengths and the 'hooks' for your brand story 
  • Knowing and feeling confident what you stand for
  • Feeling comfortabel sharing your added value online

 In short, you 'll learn how your personal brand benefits your company. FUrtheermmore, you find the pearls in your profile for your online communication and representation, for example for your LinkedIn personal branding strategy.

"My profile needs to be spot on. It was a delight to work with Sandra on my personal profile to make sure we have everything in place, and I was able to sharpen my texts online."


So don't wait any longer, and discover your professional identity to communicate your profile successfully to your audience (s)! 

What can you expect from a personal brand session?

 - Online intake via Zoom
- Personal brand scan (template) to prepare at home
- 1:1 personal brand session (morning or afternoon) at Eindhoven StrijpS (or your location of choice) 



 You are welcome in the morning (9:30 - 13:00) or in the afternoon (14:00 - 17:30)  

On request I am also available in the evening or Saterday mornings 

Location: Eindhoven Strijp S Videolab 

Do you live outside Brainport Eindhoven region? Then we can also meet on yoour preferred location or online.

Target audiences: owners of start-ups, entrepreneurs like advisors, trainers, coaches, and (interim) professionals.

Investment personal brand session :  € 295,- (ex btw)

Are you interested?

Let me know, so we first can get acquainted and meet in person!

Send me a message info@sandrastassar.nl or give me a call 0631280765.

Looking forward to seeing you !

More about Sandra: persoonlijk, innovatief en verbindend

Hi! My name is Sandra Stassar and I have more than 20 jaar year's of experience as a communications advisor. As a branding & contentspecialist I support small business owners, entrepreneurs, and (interim) advisors how to promote themselves and their companies online in an authentic and consistent way. 

It does not matter where you start with the promotions, it is all about the WHY:
Where do you stand for?
And how do you (and your team) make a difference and impact in the world?

These are the important questions. Too often we are too busy with "doing all kinds of stuff". Or we take our qualities for granted . It is part of our DNA', and therefore one of the blind spots. I am looking forward to help you with finding your personal brand story to help your company becoming top of mind in the minds of your ideal clients, stakeholders and future employees

This week I attended a session with Sandra about personal branding. It taught me that as a director you are an important brand asset of your company. And also how you can bring this into practice in a practical way. For someone with 'cold feet', it helped me in 3 hours to get over my fear. Highly recommended!